* [Archiwalne] Wolontariat Europejski 2018-2019 (EVS) - Erasmus+

We invite 4 volunteers to EVS activity in Poland: 2 from Bulgaria, 2 persons from Catalonia (or Spain). We'd like them to join our work for people at risk of social exclusion. Places of activity: Toruń and Brodnica - both towns in Poland, region kujawsko-pomorskie, situating 50 km from each other. Pomeranian Foundation of Development, Culture and Art plays role of the coordinating organization.

To Toruń we invite 2 persons. We offer them work with kids in complicated social situation ("street child"). Examples of typical tasks for the volunteers: helping kids with their homework, sport games with kids, other games (board games, table football), art and culture activities (handmade works, painting, etc.), organizing picnics and competitions (often at children's backyards), supporting kids in their everyday activities. Receiving Organization is Wędka Association.

To Brodnica we invite also 2 persons. We offer them work with three groups of people at risk of social exclusion" [1] youth from dysfunctional families, [2] people with disadvantages, [3] homeless people. Receiving Organization is Caritas Brodnica. They provide wide and complex care for people from the city and surrounding villages.

Both organizations are professional, trusted NGO, fully committed to persons in need. Voluntary activity would last 6 months and has to start no later than 5th of November. During their activities, volunteers from Toruń and Brodnica would meet once a week to spend weekends together. 

Contact person: Witold Jankowiak T:+48 607 191 484 E: witold.jankowiak#fundacja-torun.pl

Infopack Bulgaria 2018-2019
Infopack Catalonia 2018-2019