* [Archiwalne] European Solidarity Corps (2019-2020)

We start with the project “We give our time to people in need” within European Solidarity Corps. 

We invite 4 volunteers to 6-months activity in Poland. We'd like them to join our work for people at risk of social exclusion. Pomeranian Foundation of Development, Culture and Art plays role of the supporting organization. Hosting organizations are Brodnickie Centrum Caritas and Wędka Association.

The project has two planned activities, separated from the host organization locations. We are looking for volunteers ready to work with [1] people with mental disability and youth from rural areas (in Brodnica), [2] street children from poor and dysfunctional families (in Toruń). Volunteer will work in one of these locations.

[1] Brodnica: Work in people with disabilities (Environmental Home of Self-help) and with young people from rural areas (School Bursa). Volunteers will work with people with disabilities, who are the protégés of the environmental Home of Self-help every day. It is a place where these people, including those with mental disorders, can learn new skills, develop their passions, spend time with other people, in which they will feel safe, will be able to learn how to function in society. Volunteers will have 9 workshops at their disposal (including stained glass, tailoring, carpentry, fusing), they will work with 45 disabled people. The second group with which the volunteers will work are young people from rural areas who learn and live in the School Bursa in Brodnica, but come from small towns. Volunteers will be encouraged to creatively organize the time of 40 residents of Bursa. For them, the volunteers would propose thematic meetings, physical activities, extra-curricular activities, cultural activities, therapeutic sessions and many other activities that help to overcome the passive attitude of life and actively enter into adult life. The Volunteers are an example of activity for the youth of Bursa and thus they can inspire to actively care not only for their own future, but also for acting for other people in the spirit of solidarity. Hosting organization is Brodnickie Centrum Caritas.

[2] Toruń: Work with children from poor and dysfunctional families. The tasks of volunteers will include spending time with children who, after school, sometimes even until the evening, stay outside the home: at the association's headquarters or in the backyards and streets. Spending time with children takes the form of joint activities, the common denominator is developing children's passions and interests, as well as providing them with valuable models of attitudes and ways of thinking. Among these forms are conversations in a foreign language, artistic activities (ex. theater, drawing, handicraft, street art), sports activities (ex. football, volleyball, table tennis, table football), organization of games (ex. board games, outdoor games, competitions, stalking, trips), volunteers proposing new forms of non-formal education, discussions about the customs of other countries and the diversity of European culture, responding to children's needs, helping with homework. Working with children creates opportunities for the development of a volunteer’s personality, teaches patience, shapes creativity, but requires responsibility. Volunteers working under the supervision of specialists from the Association will learn how to deal with children at risk of marginalization, coming from dysfunctional families. Thus, children draw from the volunteers a pattern of action for the benefit of others, an attitude of altruism and solidarity. Hosting organization is Wędka Association.

To get more details and to apply for the volunteering please contact with Mr. Witold Jankowiak (sending CV on witold.jankowiak#fundacja-torun.pl or calling on +48 607 191 484).

And to apply please fulfill our recruitment form >>.

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